Weiser offers four distinct product lines ranging from the quality builder grade Safelock line to the architecturally inspired Collections line. No matter what type of project you are working on Weiser has the right door hardware for you. Visit www.weiserlock.com for full product offering.

No more worrying about keys!

Weiser's keyless door locks make getting into and out of your home simple, quick and secure. Using our convenient keyless technology all you need to do is punch in your code or with Weiser Kevo using your Iphone and the door unlocks. You can assign guest codes and be alerted when someone is trying to guess your code.

Weiser Kevo

Weiser Kevo Keyless Door Lock

With Weiser Kevo, all you need is your smartphone to unlock your door... just touch the lock to open. What could be easier than a smartphone door lock?

Weiser Smartcode5

Weiser Smartcode5 Keyless Door Lock

Weiser's stylish and functional update to the electronic deadbolt. Featuring a back-lit keypad and mutliple styles.

Weiser Smartcode10

Weiser Smartcode10 Keyless Door Lock

With a new sleek interior and 16 user code capacity, the new SmartCode complements any Weiser knob, lever or handleset.