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Top 10 North Pole Trim Benefits
  1. Service - Ever present staff available to help
  2. Selection - Bigger than you could have ever imagined - 25,000 square feet.
  3. Custom Fit To Match Doors – We machine doors to fit.
  4. Free Delivery - Free delivery on EVERYTHING we sell.
  5. Free Wood Trim Samples - For the perfect match or choice. Others may charge for samples, we don’t.
  6. Pricing - "Now that I’ve seen the prices, I wish I just came here first". We hear this daily...
  7. Outside Sales Staff - On larger jobs our experienced team will provide expertise in your home.
  8. Inventory – South Western Ontario's largest in stock selection!
  9. Special Order Service – No one has everything. If we don’t have what you want, we’ll get it.
  10. Showroom - Don't wade thru miles of BBQ's, lawn furniture and pet supplies…or a parking lot the size of a football field to find what you want. 
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