1. Attach track to wall studs 2. Hang panels and components 3. Pat yourself on the back

The Dream Closet: Screwdriver Required

The Easy Track system will revolutionize any closet of any size and shape in less time than you would imagine. As the above graphic shows, simply:

  1. Drill the Easy Track to the wall stud
  2. Hang any one of a variety of wall units to the track

It is that simple. In no time at all, you'll have maximized your storage space, but also simplified your life and beautified your home.
Available in multiple finishes and with endless options from tie and belt racks, to jewellery trays and sliding wardrobe rods - you can make your closet a work of functional art.
North Pole Trim carries the entire line of Easy Track closet organizers and remember, North Pole Trim delivers everything they sell for free*.

Easy Track